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The Benefits of a Rainwater Collection System

December 16th, 2020 | No Comments »

From their ecological benefits to their significant savings, there a number of good reasons to consider adding a rainwater collection system to your home. These systems have become increasingly popular in recent years, as many homeowners are looking for creative new ways to minimize their water consumption around the house.

Reduce erosion and flooding around your houseThe Benefits of a Rainwater Collection System

In most homes, rainwater is collected in the gutter system and then deposited around the downspouts and gardens. This is all fine and well for now, but over time, the deposited water can cause flooding and erosion in these areas. A rainwater collection system, meanwhile, diverts the water into barrels rather than into the ground.

Save on water bills

The more rainwater you collect, the less water you’ll have to use from your town or city. This will drastically reduce your water bills, especially if your rainwater system is used as your primary source of water.

Great for gardeners

Rainwater collection systems are also ideal for avid gardeners. Not only does it provide extra water for your plants and vegetables, but rainwater also has fewer pollutants than groundwater. As such, rainwater can make your plants healthier, which in turn will help them grow.

Installing a rainwater collection system

Rainwater collection systems can be easily integrated into your existing gutters and downspouts. All we have to do is divert the downspout of your choice into two separate pipes. One of these pipes will feed your rainwater collection bins, while the other will carry water safely away from home in the same manner as an ordinary downspout. Once the system is installed, you can select which path the rainwater will take at the flip of a switch.

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