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Tips for Hanging Christmas Lights

December 11th, 2012 | 2 Comments »

With only a couple of weeks until Christmas, we know that some of you have procrastinated and have not put up your lights yet. Rest assured there is still time. The later you put the lights up, the longer they can stay up, right? We think so! Just remember to be safe while hanging your Christmas lights!

Tips for Hanging Christmas Lights:


1. Materials – The most important materials include a dura

2. Measure & Evaluate – Have a tape measure handy to determine how many lights you will need and the length of the light strings that will work best for your home. Do not forget to evaluate your home’s surfaces and the type of light that will work best for your home. This will also help you determine the types of lights and clips that will work best.ble ladder, the right Christmas light clips, an outdoor extension cord, and an outdoor timer for the lights.

3. Choose the Lights – With the vast assortment of Christmas lights available choosing the right Christmas lights is not only a personal preference, but there is also a functionality factor. From icicle lights to the C7 and C9 bulbs, the choice is all yours!

4. Christmas Light Clips– Fortunately for us, there is a wide assortment of clips for hanging Christmas lights. Hanging lights from your gutters, flat rooftops or brick, make sure you choose the clip best suited for your home. You will also want to make sure the bulbs you choose will fit in the clips. “All-in-one clips are a great pick because they work with the largest variety of bulbs and applications.”

(Source: Christmas Lights Etc)

Stay safe this holiday season!