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Prepare Your Gutters for Winter Months

October 26th, 2016 | No Comments »

The cooler seasons can be so breathtaking, with colorful leaves scattering in the fall and sparkling flakes of white showering city streets in the winter. However, harsh weather takes a toll on our homes, especially our gutters. As temperatures drop, it is important to prepare your gutters for winter months. You must be aware of what steps you can take to ensure your gutters keep up with severe weather.

In order to prepare your home for winter, you must prepare your gutters to handle rain, snow, and sleet as it comes. As the leaves begin to fall, try to periodically clean them out of th60249119 - a wooden roof with rain gutter and drainpipe in wintere gutters. For the east coast, early fall is considered hurricane season. You’ll want to make sure you gutters are clear for significant rainfalls. When all the leaves have fallen, clean the leaves out of your gutters. This will make sure that water will have a clear passage way out of the gutter and away from your home.

Cleaning the gutters out before freezing temperatures settle in will help you to prepare for next spring. It will also  make the job easier when the warm temperatures return. Gutters coated in water and ice may freeze over the winter months. It is vital to keep gutters clear of debris before it happens. Otherwise, you’ll be putting your gutter at risk for ice dams.

Make sure gutters are securely attached to the house as well as the downspouts. If gutters are loose, you could risk the gutter blowing off the roof in severe storms  Point all gutter extenders in the opposite direction of your home’s foundation. This will prevent water from seeping into basements, first floors, and crawlspaces.

Cleaning your gutters on a regular basis will save you both time and money. By preforming preventive maintenance, you can rest assured that your gutters are always in good shape. If you need help preparing your gutters for winter months, contact Bell Seamless Gutters today.

Are gutter guards worth it?

December 10th, 2012 | 1 Comment »

Gutter without gutter guardGutter guards are a really great accessory to any gutter. No matter if they are screens or lids, there’s no doubt they keep the leaves out, but, are they worth it?

Well it all depends where you live. Screens and lids are effective in keeping the homeowner off a ladder or roof so they don’t have to clean the gutter. At the same time, they might not have to.

While gutter guards do an excellent job in keeping leaves and dirt out of the gutter and downspout, there’s really no need for gutter guards if you live in places like Arizona, New Mexico or a place without a lot of trees.

No trees, no leaves.

But in an area with a lot of leaves? Of course, gutter guards are worth it. They keep you off the roof  and once they are installed they’re really hassle free. For people who enjoy cleaning gutters, and I know you guys are out there, then maybe leave the first story gutter guards off. But they are definitely recommended on the second and third story on any home surrounded by trees.

So ask about Bell Seamless Gutters guards and how they can not only make your gutters last longer, but safe you time, energy and safety of cleaning gutters.

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