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New Year’s Resolution: Gutter Replacement

December 22nd, 2014 | No Comments »

Gutter ServicesOur grandparents and our parents cleaned the gutters with the season change. So, when we got our first place, we did it too. But have you ever wondered how bad it could actually get if you didn’t make the extra effort? What happens if you just skip the chore this year? The answer is: nothing good. Here’s a short list of potential problems associated with neglecting gutter maintenance.

The most common issue is with the gutters themselves cracking under the weight of debris and leaking. Leaks can cause mold and rotting that, in turn, can cause the entire gutter system to fall from the house, a costly effect.

The next common issue is that the drains can become so clogged with debris or ice in the winter that snow or water can accumulate on the roof. This can cause serious damage to the roof itself, leading to leaks into living areas or even partial cave-ins.

If the gutters are so filled that the water is diverting to the basements or foundations, the basement may fill with water or wooden foundations may rot. This is potentially the most expensive result of unmaintained gutters. If the foundation is not made of wood, water collecting in cracks may expand during the winter, leading to severe mold growth.

Where moisture builds up, insects swarm. Carpenter ants, roaches, earwigs, mosquitoes, and even termites can collect in the gutters or in cracks caused by leaking.

To avoid issues like these, contact Bell Seamless Gutters today!


Gutter Cleaning and Repair

December 10th, 2014 | No Comments »

107_inspection20Cleaning your gutters is hands down one of the most tedious chores there is. You have to lug the ladder out of the shed or from under that pile of holiday lights in the garage. Then you’ve got to set it up, climb, remove two handfuls of leaves, climb down, shift the ladder over two inches, and repeat around the perimeter of your house. And let’s be honest, you don’t start the process until just after the first frost, so the ladder’s going to be slipping all over the place and your fingers will be freezing. It’s not a nice way to spend an afternoon.

So why doesn’t everyone just use gutter guards? The short answer is because gutter guards are not foolproof and all gutter guards work a little differently.  Not all gutters are created equal, so here’s a short guide to figure out if guards will work at your home, and if so which type to invest in.

There are six basic types of guard: mesh, reverse curve, non-gutter covers, bottlebrush, nylon, and foam. Mesh guards are pretty self-explanatory. They’re a mesh wire covering that connects to the roof and allows water to fall into the gutters while catching debris on top. Reverse curve guards direct water into the gutters and leaves down toward the ground. Non-gutter covers actually take the place of gutters and add a set of thin louvers to take rain away from your roof. Bottlebrush covers half bristles that stick out, catching debris a few inches from the surface of the gutters and allowing water to trickle through. Nylon guards attach directly to the gutters and are hardy enough to withstand large quantities of ice and snow. Foam guards are similar to nylon, but made of foam.

Take a look at the weather conditions your gutters need to withstand, as well as the slope of your roof before investing in guards. And for all of your gutter needs, contact Bell Seamless Gutter!


Top Spring Cleaning Tips For Your Gutters and Downspouts

March 27th, 2014 | No Comments »

gutter maintenanceIn many areas of the country, the spring season can bring a lot of rain with it; and our gutters will get a lot of use during this time of year. Most homeowners know that clean gutters are gutters that work. If they are dirty and clogged, they will be of no use when the rain showers start flowing through.

Here are some valuable tips for maintenance and cleaning, to keep your gutters in great shape for the spring and summer weather.

Prevention Tips:

By using a few prevention methods, you can avoid the problem of clogged and dirty gutters, and save yourself a lot of cleaning time this spring.

Mesh and screens: Plastic and metal screens with holes or slits in them, are good for allowing the rain to pass through, but help to block solid debris. Be careful with screens that have slits instead of holes, they can sometimes also keep water from passing through. If using mesh, or some form of stainless steel netting, installed flat or angled, it can act as a good strainer for the gutter.

Solid covers: Molded plastic covers will allow a big enough space for rain and water to flow through, and any solid debris will normally bounce off of the gutter cover and fall to the ground, to be retrieved later.

Cleaning Tips:

If your gutters are already clogged, here are some tips to clean them and restore the gutters to their usefulness.

  • Always inspect your gutters regularly to see if they are clogged and dirty. If they are, use a hose to flush out the gutters and downspouts.
  • Check to see if gutters are unclogged, by using a garden hose to run water through, and see if it flows through easily.
  • Make sure that there are no areas of “pooling” in your gutters. Pooling means that there may be sagging areas or areas that are sloping.
  • If you find any leaks, they need to be repaired immediately.
  • Notice if there is any water spilling over the edges of the gutter. This means that there is debris jammed in a certain area of the gutter. If this happens, thoroughly clean gutters and downspouts until water runs effortlessly through. Then install a protective cover if needed.
  • Inspect downspouts to be sure that they are securely connected to the gutters. Downspouts should be extended enough to move the rain and water, at least 3 feet away from the foundation of the home. Rain or water that flows to the ground, any closer to the home’s foundation, can cause serious damage.

New Jersey, watch out for copper gutter thieves

December 17th, 2012 | No Comments »

Around this time of the year, you don’t just have to worry about frozen debris in your gutters; you also have to worry about thieves!  The holidays bring out the best and worst in people.  It’s no secret that some people are desperate for money in December.  One must purchase gifts for everyone.  You should keep an eye on your gutters, especially if they’re copper gutters.

Copper, as a material, can take a lot of pressure and stress.   If you’re in the New Jersey area and need a copper consultation, please give us a call.  Copper gutters are longer lasting than your average gutter system.   Not only are they durable, they ‘re also aesthetically pleasing and can add to a house’s appeal.   Copper gutters, therefore, are expensive and can fetch a pretty penny on shadier markets.  Although copper gutters are a sound purchase, please keep in mind the possibility that a thief may have his eyes on them.

In New Canaan CT, for example, someone recently stole around $50,000 worth of copper gutters.  Christina Commendatore, of the NC Advertiser, reports, “Police said the homeowner noticed part of a gutter on the ground by his garage a week earlier.  When he went to repair the gutter, he noticed 10 sections were missing from around the house to the garage.” That’s an enormous amount of money! You can look over the article here.

In my opinion, it seems that the perpetrator had been casing the house.  This crime could’ve been in plans for weeks or even months!  If you have copper gutters, keep an eye for any suspicious activity, such as unfamiliar cars.  Copper gutters are certainly a good purchase, for both durability and aesthetic appeal, but copper in any form is popular among thieves.  Be leery of gutter thieves!

Snow and ice in your gutters?

December 7th, 2012 | 1 Comment »

At Bell Seamless Gutters, we hope you did a fall maintenance checkup on your gutters or else you could be experiencing ice in your gutters.  This will weigh down the gutters and could possibly cause them to collapse.  Snow and ice will build up if your gutters are full of fall foliage.

Not only did Superstorm Sandy knock out power for millions, the storm also demonstrated to us that some homeowners in the region aren’t properly maintaining their houses.  This includes many things such as plumbing, landscaping, but in our case, gutters.  It’s obvious that many area homes took a beating, in many ways.

Gutters will fall apart if not properly maintained.  The water needs to flow smoothly and uninterrupted. If your gutters are acting up now, chances are you didn’t check up on them in the fall.  Don’t worry though.  We’ll gladly inspect them and if your gutters are like the Arctic, we’ll help fix it.  We’ve been doing this for well over 55 years.  We’ve seen it all.  Your gutters don’t scare us.  If you’re in the New Jersey area, give us a call at 1-800-597-1616.