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Are Your Gutters Properly Pitched?

October 19th, 2020 | No Comments »

Gutters seem simple enough, but if they’re not installed correctly, they won’t be able to move water away from your home. A properly pitched gutter is tilted slightly toward their downspouts to ensure rainwater. This allows water to flow freely without getting trapped along the way. As a general rule of thumb, your gutters should slope down from their peak at least one quarter inch for every 10 feet of gutter.

So, how can you tell if your gutters are properly pitched? And what can you do about it? Read on to learn more:

Check your gutters after a rainstormAre Your Gutters Properly Pitched?

An easy way to make sure water is flowing through your downspouts is to inspect your gutters following a rainstorm. If you see any standing water in your gutters, and it’s not being blocked by debris or other obstructions, the pitch of the gutters is too shallow.

Try bending the gutter hanger

In some cases, you may be able to correct isolated gutter pitch issues by gently bending the gutter hanger in the affected area to allow water to drain into the downspout. If the pitch problems are more widespread, however, you may need to have your gutters rehung by a professional installer.

Avoiding incorrectly pitched gutters

If your gutters were originally hung by professionals and have been properly maintained, you shouldn’t have to worry too much about pitch problems unless they’re damaged by something like a falling tree limb. You’re also less likely to encounter pitch problems with seamless gutters because they must be custom cut to suit the unique dimensions of your home.

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How to Prolong the Life of Your Gutters

July 14th, 2017 | No Comments »

How to Prolong the Life of Your GuttersThe gutters on your home play a very important role in the overall well-being of your property. Without gutters, rain would fall on your roof and then roll directly down the side of your home and pool around your foundation. Over time, this could cause your foundation to crack and crumble and promote mold and mildew growth on your home’s exterior. This is why it’s essential for homeowners to make sure their gutters are in good working order, and do whatever they can to prolong their lifespan.

Clean leaves and other debris from your gutters on a regular basis.

When leaves and other debris are allowed to build up in your gutter, they can start to decompose and cause damage to the inside of your gutters. They will also prevent water from moving through your gutter system, and ultimately cause water to spill over the sides of the gutters down to the ground. Cleaning your gutters out once or twice a year is easy, and it will prevent you from having to deal with these issues.

Trim branches that hang over your home.

Do you have a tree that with branches hanging over your home? You should trim back any growth that could potentially fall off and hit your gutters. Small twigs and branches probably won’t do much damage, but a single large branch could knock a gutter right off your home and shut down your entire gutter system until you’re able to get it repaired.

Inspect your gutters and make sure water is flowing through them.

The next time you have to go up on your roof, bring a hose with you and spray some water into your gutters. If your gutters are working properly, the water should flow smoothly to the nearest downspout. If they aren’t, the water will likely just sit there, or worse, flow in the wrong direction. In that case, you may need to have your gutter pitch checked and corrected. You want water to flow through your gutter system as quickly as possible, not get stuck in the gutters and stay in the system.

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