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The Importance Of Cleaning Gutters

October 11th, 2022 | No Comments »

When fall gets here, most people think of the typical things to do: rake the leaves, decorate, and maybe visit a pumpkin patch. However, Most families forget one important thing: cleaning their gutters.

Though they are up high, they should not be an “out of sight, out of mind,” chore. Though it takes extra effort, you should haul out the ladder and clean out your gutters each year- preferably twice a year.

a gutter clogged with leaves

In case you need convincing, below is a major reason you should clean your gutters.

Prevents Damage

Truly, the main importance of cleaning your gutters is preventing damage.

Gutters can get clogged with many things, which is a recipe for disaster-

especially in the fall when leaves begin piling up. Not only do they retain water and become heavy, but leaves make perfect homes for insects, rodents, and birds.

The gutter’s purpose is to manage water away from your roof safely. When they are clogged, they cannot do so, resulting in water damage in three forms.

  1. The weight of the water begins to damage the gutters.
  2. The weight of the water begins to damage your roof.
  3. The weight of the water begins to damage begins to damage your foundation and basement.


At Bell Seamless Gutters, our gutters are in one smooth piece to custom fit your home. Seamless gutters don’t clog, allowing up to 50% more water flow, and come in a wide range of color options.

If you notice that your gutters are sagging, leaking, or pulling away from your home, it is time to give Bell Seamless Gutters a call. We have more than 60 years of industry experience and can identify issues, repair issues, and replace and upgrade your old gutters to our top-of-the-line seamless gutters. We also offer gutter guards, which add an extra level of protection!

We also have additional specialties, different color options, and offer rainwater collection services!

To find out more or inquire about our services, visit us online or call us at 1-800-597-1616.


Fall Gutter Maintenance

October 14th, 2021 | No Comments »

Fall is one of the most beautiful seasons, but it can also be the most treacherous for your gutters. Thankfully, you can protect your gutters by taking certain precautions. Here we discuss the steps you should take to keep your gutters in tip top shape during the fall seasons.

Take safety precautionsman cleaning out fall foliage from gutters

Good fall gutter maintenance is important, but so too is your health. Before you climb up to inspect your gutters, you should also take necessary precautions. This includes wearing proper glove wear and eye protection, as well as using a standalone ladder. If possible, have someone standing at the bottom of the ladder to keep an eye on you.

Remove fall foliage

The biggest problem you’ll have to contend with during the autumn months is fall foliage. While the falling leaves certainly look beautiful, they can easily clog up your gutters. Working your way up from the downspout, check your gutters frequently to make sure that no leaves or debris have fallen in. If you notice that leaves have clogged up your gutters, remove as many as you can.

Check for leaks

Cracks and leaks should be fixed sooner rather than later. Once you’ve cleaned your gutters thoroughly, spray water down them and see if anything leaks out. You should also check the nearby walls and roofing for any cracks as well. During times of heavy rainfall or snowfall, water can overflow from your gutters and seep into the cracks in your wall or roof, damaging the inside of your home.

Bell Seamless Gutters can help you maintain and protect your gutters for the fall months. Contact us today to learn more!

How to Prepare Your Gutters for Fall

August 28th, 2020 | No Comments »

As much as we may not want to admit it, summer is almost over. As such, it’s time to prepare ourselves for fall. Fall can be a beautiful time of the year, but it can also wreak havoc on our gutters.

Here are a few ways you can prepare your gutters for fall this year:

Give them a good cleaningHow to Prepare Your Gutters for Fall

Before the leaves start to fall, give your gutters a good, thorough cleaning. Get up on the ladder and remove any debris that has collected over the summer months, and then hose them down with a high-pressure spray. For a better clean, pour some mild, soapy water down your gutters to wash away more stubborn dirt and grime.

Check for leaks and damages

While you’re up on your ladder, cleaning your gutters, take this as an opportunity to check for any leaks or other forms of damage. The colder months can make cracks, holes, and leaks even worse, so it’s a good idea to find and fix these problem areas before the temperature begins to drop.

Trim nearby trees and branches

Autumn is notorious for falling leaves. As beautiful as these leaves may be, they are not as beautiful when they’re clogging up your gutter. You can’t stop the leaves from falling, but you can control where they fall by trimming any nearby trees and branches in the late summer months.

With these few steps, your house and your gutters should be well-prepared for the autumn months. However, cleaning and maintaining your gutters can be hard work on your own. For a helping hand, contact Bell Seamless Gutters today to learn more about our gutter repair services.