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The Importance of Maintaining Your Gutters

January 9th, 2014 | No Comments »

Fight Gutter Mildew & Debris Build-Up

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If your home is your castle, you must know that the gutters are an integral part of your castle’s structure. Gutters drain rainwater away from your home and into the ground, keeping safe windows, siding, and basement. But gutters need maintenance and your attention if they are to function efficiently, and it is important they be kept clean and free of debris. Mildew is the main culprit here and if you do not keep your gutters free of mildew it could spread to your house causing serious health problems. Here are some simple steps you can take to maximize your gutters’ performance and keep them mildew-free.


  • Remove any dirt or debris from the inside of the gutter and, with a power washer if you can get one, clean off surface mildew and grime.
  • You will need a soft-bristled brush and either a bleach spray or a homemade solution of four parts water to one part bleach to scrub your gutters. Bleach water is essential to removing mildew.
  • Disconnect downspouts and clean them thoroughly with a long-handled gutter brush.
  • Rinse your gutters with clean water. You can do it more easily with a hose.
  • Keep your eye on your gutters to make sure the mildew has not returned and call in a professional if the problem continues.


Gutters are usually made out of either vinyl or a combination of aluminum and steel. These should clean easily if you pay attention to them. It doesn’t take much to devote some time to making sure your gutters stay clean and working optimally. If you love your home and take pride in it, spending time on your gutters should be part of your maintenance routine.

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