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The Importance of Clean Gutters and Downspouts

January 6th, 2014 | No Comments »

Functioning downspouts and gutters are the tickets to preventing excess water leakage into the windows, roof, siding, basement and foundation of your home. With heavy rain, fallen leaves, sticks and snow, your gutter and downspout system won’t have the ability to runoff water efficiently. This is why we urge homeowners to take the time to clean gutters and downspouts.


Gutters have the job of catching water and keeping it away from the foundation while downspouts channel the water away and into the ground. It is much more difficult to determine clogs in a downspout so you might have to take it off the gutter and inspect with a flashlight.


Conducting this type of cleaning shouldn’t take too much time and no more than a garbage bag, gloves and ladder are needed. Cleaning should be done every few weeks and especially after a heavy storm or snowfall.


After you’ve cleared the debris you should assess any damage that’s been done to either gutter or downspout. Start by making sure the gutters are properly fastened to the house and that the downspout is secured to the gutter. Also check for cracks, rust or dry rot spots.


If you need professional assistance with maintaining, repairing or replacing a gutter system, contact Bell Seamless Gutters today.


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