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How Often Should You Clean the Gutters?

April 15th, 2014 | No Comments »

gutter repairsAll the homeowners out there know it is important to clean your gutters. What you may not know is how often you should do this. It is suggested you clean 3-4 times a year. Most people only clean once a year, if they remember. Not all homeowners know what they are risking by not properly maintaining gutter flow.

Sidewalk Hazards- This may not just be a risk to the sidewalk but to a lawsuit. If water builds up on your sidewalks and freezes it is great breeding ground for a lawsuit!

Leaking Basement- With inadequately functioning gutters water builds up around the foundation that can cause leaks into your basement. Meaning money flying out of your pocket!

Foundation Cracking- If you have a leaky basement you have cracks in your foundation. This can become extremely dangerous in the winter due to frost heave. Water gets into the cracks that have already formed and then it freezes when cold enough. We all know from that elementary school experiment when water freezes it takes up more space. More space that it will create and cause even more damage to your foundation. You know the saying you need to start with a good foundation, if not the whole thing will crumble.

Rotting Wood- IF you are not cleaning out the gutters then water is simply spilling over the top and rolling down the side. Under you gutters and roof is wood, when wood gets wet it rots.

Leaky roofs- If that wood we already spoke about rots and deteriorates then you will have a leaky roof. You do not want to put placing pots all over you house to catch those leaks.

Washed out landscape- If you have any newer/young landscaping that has recently been done you can count on paying to do it all over again. If there is not proper drainage the rain will come and puddle where you don’t want and you can say goodbye to the over-watered plants you paid plenty for already.

Damaged driveways- Much like damaged sidewalks, your driveway can suffer the same fate. Your driveway has already taken a beating from you driving on it why put any more stress on it and cause more headaches for yourself.

Moral of the story? Clean the gutters, OFTEN!




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