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The Easiest Way To Clean Clogged Rain Gutter Downspouts

January 14th, 2014 | No Comments »

cleaning guttersMost homeowners never think about their rain gutters; there are too many other parts of the home that are more visible and demand attention. However, when rain gutter downspouts become clogged, homeowners can’t help but notice, and this is the time when they need immediate care and cleaning.


When downspouts get clogged, rain water no longer flows freely through the gutters and out of the downspout; instead rain begins to fall out of, and over the gutters. Clogged downspouts cause many issues; massive puddles on the ground and erosion of the gutters, if left unattended. Over time, downspouts get clogged with debris, including leaves, twigs, and other items that fall into the gutters with the rainfall.


When this problem occurs, there is nothing left to do to remedy the situation, but give the downspouts a good cleaning.


Needed Cleaning Supplies:


To properly clean the gutter downspouts, you will need; gloves, a ladder, a bucket, a ruler or wire coat hanger, a garden hose, and possibly a plumbing snake, if the downspout is badly clogged.


Downspout Cleaning Instructions:


1.  It is wise to get some help with cleaning your gutter downspouts; someone will need to hold the ladder steady, for safety purposes, and hand you the garden hose and other supplies as you need them.


2. Untwist and bend your wire hanger, so that it fits into the downspout. A ruler may also be used for breaking up the debris clogging your downspout. You may not need either one, but they are good to have on hand in case the debris becomes difficult to move.


3. With your supplies in your bucket, in one hand; climb the ladder. If you are uncomfortable with carrying a bucket of supplies with you up the ladder, simply put the wire hanger or ruler in your back pocket. You can toss the debris down to the ground and clean it all up later.


4. Start removing any dirt and debris that is visible. Use the wire hanger to be sure that the debris moves easily through the downspout; this is also a good way to dislodge any stuck debris that lodged itself in the downspout.


5. Use your garden hose to run water into the gutters, and through the downspout, to be certain that it is no longer clogged. If the water does not flow freely through the downspout, use your plumbing snake to clear away the last of the stuck debris. But normally, you will not have this problem.



After having to contend with, and clean, a clogged gutter downspout; you, as a homeowner, will gain a new respect for the importance of these unnoticed parts of your home.









Why Ice is Bad News for Gutters

November 7th, 2013 | No Comments »

With winter ready to sneak its way into our lives there are a few things that any homeowner should take precautions against, or take action on once they see some common problems forming.  Ice in your gutters can be a costly issue if not taken care of.


As the snow melts on your roof it drips into your gutters.  Once in your gutter the snow can re-freeze into ice.  As the water continuously melts, if your gutters are frozen solid, there is nowhere for this excess water to be diverted to.  The excess water will likely end up inside your home, which is the last thing anyone needs.


If you notice that your gutters are frozen, chances are that your neighbors are frozen as well.  Worst case scenario, this can happen as you are hanging up your Christmas lights this year:

More on hanging holiday lights in our next post….


Once you see that your gutters are frozen, do your best to thaw out the ice. One of the best ways to melt the ice relatively easy is by using rock salt. You don’t want to leave the salt in the gutters forever though. Once the ice is gone, remove the rock salt and this way there will be no permanent damage to your gutters. Hammering or chiseling away the ice is not only dangerous, but it can do more harm than good to both your gutters and your roof.


If this simple DIY tip does not solve your ice dam problems, please give us a call and we would be more than happy to provide additional assistance for you. Please do not attempt to go onto your icy roof in your attempt to clean out your gutters at any point. Leave that work to a trusted professional contractor.

Do you have frozen gutters?

December 18th, 2012 | No Comments »

Preventing and Repairing Frozen Gutters

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Leaves and Debris are one set of problems, but frozen gutters are an entirely different adventure. Avoid having to tackle frustrating problems by preventing frozen gutters in the first place.

For this to work, you will absolutely need a gutter guard. If you live in an area familiar to snow, gutter guards are necessary. After you remove all debris in the gutter, install the guard. Slide one section of the guard under the roof shingles and snap it on to the gutter securely.

Most importantly, prevent your gutters from freezing by controlling the loss of heat from inside the home. Check for drafts or insulation flaws, as these may be the cause of frozen gutters.

Rectangle Vs. Round Downspouts

December 5th, 2012 | 1 Comment »

When customizing or revamping your gutters, it is crucial to know your options when it comes to shapes and corrugated textures for downspouts. These downspouts are either rectangle or round, and each has its own set of characteristics that set the theme for your gutters.


Round or half-moon shaped gutters stem from houses constructed during the late sixties. Contractors often use expensive materials and customize the downspouts to fit your home. Downspouts with round shapes are associated with retro-styled architecture and contractors often choose them solely for aesthetic purposes. The round shapes are also very sturdy, but are much more difficult to adhere to the rest of your gutter. This is a great choice for historical buildings, and is a bit more time consuming.


The rectangle shapes replaced round and half-moon downspouts in the early seventies and have been around since. These coordinate with the shapes and styles of downspouts in modern homes. Rectangle downspouts are the ideal selection for a quick and cost effective solution.

Seamless Gutter Colors

October 16th, 2012 | 1 Comment »

In the last post, I mentioned how the seamless gutter color selection is an added benefit to seamless gutter installation. Make sure not to overlook this benefit to custom seamless gutters, because you take your house’s design seriously, so you have to take the gutters’ effect into account.

With most other gutter options, you have one color to choose: white. While white is a beautiful and versatile color in many situations, everyone uses it. Plus, not all houses benefit from white gutters. It almost deters you from incorporating other colors into your exterior because, let’s face it, you can only use a limited amount of colors before things start to look ridiculous.

With Bell Seamless Gutters, you get to choose from 14 colors, which can match any home design. This way, you’ll have beautiful, custom-crafted gutters that actually work with your home design, instead of forcing your hand in a particular direction. If you plan to repaint your home, you’ll definitely want to consider this as an opportunity to have incredible, functional and custom-installed gutters. Kill two birds with one stone: remove your old gutters, paint your home & replace your gutters with seamless gutters.

If you have any questions, make sure to contact us for more information.