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How to Pick the Right Gutter Color for your Home

September 26th, 2017 | No Comments »

How to Pick the Right Gutter Color for your HomeGutter color is usually an afterthought for many homeowners when they’re deciding on what kind of repairs or remodels they want to make. The truth is that gutter color matters! A carefully-selected gutter color can accentuate certain features on your home’s exterior and veil the ones you aren’t particularly fond of.

Decide on what to accentuate.

Most design experts recommend matching the color of your gutters to the roof or the trim of your house. If the trim of your house is wide, it’s suggested that you match the color to the trim. If the trim is skinny, match your gutter color to the roof.

If you’re looking to accentuate your home’s base, try picking a color that’s similar in color to your front door. This creates clean lines and highlights the front of your home, including the landscaping.

Choose a workable color palette.

Red-colored gutters typically work with brick exteriors and red-tiled roofing. For a more earthy tone, brown and beige colors work extremely well. These neutral tones match any roof, and are often paired with rustic architecture.   

Light gray gutters complement homes fashioned in the style of Cape Cod architecture. These American cottage styles look sleek with gray, and choosing this gutter color may provide a small but modern update to your classic-looking home.

Look beyond basic white.

Most people choose white or off-white gutters because it’s the standard factory color choice and to be honest, most people don’t know they have an option in gutter color! They may think they have to match their trim to their gutter system, but you can do the opposite.

Looking for a modern update? Check out our selection of gutter colors and find one that suits your home’s style.

Use Your Gutters to Hang Your Christmas Lights

December 2nd, 2016 | No Comments »

Our homes depend on our gutters and they prevent our homes from getting severely Use Your Gutters to Hang Your Christmas Lights damaged by water. However, gutters serve am event greater purpose in December.

Gutters help us hang our Christmas lights onto our homes, making them secure and even all the way around the roof.

An important part of hanging your Christmas lights from your gutters is getting accurate measurements before doing so. You’ll need a tape measure to measure to the base of your home along with any peaks, turns, or corners. You should also be measure doors and windows if you plan to wrap the lights around them.

You also need to consider what power source you will use before you get started. For many older homes, power sources are only found indoors and you’ll have to run a cord outside. Most new homes do have power source access from an outside outlet which does make it a bit easier.

You should know how many feet of power cord you will need to make sure that you can plug your lights in.

Before you start climbing up your ladder, make sure you have all of the supplies you need to hang your lights. You’ll need your Christmas lights, Christmas light clips, a timer to set your lights to, adhesive hooks, and a light hanging pole if you have a higher roof or a peak you can’t easily reach.

In properly hang lights from your home, you’ll need to understand your roofline, gutters, and singles.

Light clips come in a wide variety of forms, all of which fit differently depending on your roof, gutter thickness, condition of shingles, etc.  Many light clips also hold different lights so you’ll need to understand which ones to purchase for the lights you’re hanging.

However, light clips do make hanging Christmas lights much easier.

They prevent your gutter from getting damaged, they tightly secure the lights, and they are easy to take on and off as needed. To simplify the process of getting the light into the actual clip, secure the light into the clip before you climb up your ladder so the bulbs don’t get broken and you don’t get unsteady.

Once complete these steps, you’ll be able to plug your lights in and enjoy them for the season.

If you notice any of your bulbs are not working, make sure the bulb is screwed in tightly. If it is, the bulb likely has just burnt out and needs to be replaced.

Visit Bell Seamless Gutters blog for more gutter tips, tricks, and tidbits.

Why You Do Need Gutters On Your Home

September 27th, 2016 | No Comments »

The Great Debate

A lot of debates have occurred over whether or not you need gutters on your home. Some people say that you can go without them and other people say that you should not. We believe that gutters are a necessity when it comes to home maintenance. We encourage everyone to have gutters on their home to avoid major issues down the road.

What Gutters Do

In order to understand why you need a gutter it is important to unBroken Gutter and Debris in NJderstand exactly what purpose they serve. A gutter is a long tube typically made of aluminum that wraps around a home. The gutter collects rain water as it pours down the surface of the home. The water then falls down through the gutter and eventually pours out of the gutter and onto the ground to keep the water from reaching the foundation of the home. As a result, the ground surrounding the house does not become drenched with water, keeping the foundation dry.

Why You Need Gutters

If you did not have those gutters around your home, the amount of water and moisture that would surround our home would quickly damage the foundation of your home. Water would get into the structure of the home which would cause cracks, breaks, and instability within it. Water can cause significant damage to the roof and siding of the home as well if it is repeatedly soaking them or seeping into crevices. If water does reach the structure of the home, it can also cause condensation which can cause wood around the home, such as window frames, to rot and mold.

Final Verdict

Although gutters can be expensive and definitely require some maintenance, we believe that gutters prevent more damage from occurring to the home. Maintaining your home is vital to avoid spending money on unnecessary projects down the road. We believe that gutters are a necessity to keeping your home well-kept.