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De-Ice Your Gutters This Winter

January 11th, 2017 | No Comments »

Winter has been in full force for the majority of the country for the pasDe-Ice Your Gutters This Winter t two months. Although gutter maintenance is especially important in fall and spring months, gutters should not be disregarded during winter. Winter months bring snow, sleet, freezing rain, and the inevitable ice. Although gutters are designed to catch precipitation and guide it away from your home, ice often clogs that path in winter months.

If ice is forming within your gutter causing an “ice dam,” water will not be able to escape and it will flow over the sides of the gutter instead, often resulting in water damage to your home. Ice dams can also weigh down your gutters which can result to loose shingles and damaged gutters.

It can be very difficult to clean your gutters in winter months, especially if you’re in the midst of a large snowstorm or subzero temperatures, but if you experience a bit of a “thaw,” make checking on your gutters a priority.

There are several options when it comes to winter gutter maintenance that can help you avoid ice dams:

Install Heated Cables

Heated cables can be attached with clips along the edge of your roof. These cables will heat your roof from the outside and equalize the temperature of the roof which will help diminish and prevent ice dams. They should be installed before severe winter weather so they are an option to consider for next year.

Use a Box Fan

If you find that you have an ice dam that has resulted in water seeping into your attic, we don’t suggest getting on your roof to chip away at the ice. Chipping ice off of your roof is dangerous for you and your roof.  Instead, put a standard box fan in your attic and aim it upwards toward where the water is coming in. The cold air from the fan should freeze and stop the water.

A Pair of Panty Hose

Although this option might look a little bizarre to your neighbors, it’s surprisingly efficient. If you fill an old or unwanted pair of panty house with calcium chloride ice melter, you can use them to melt the ice dams. Fill the panty hose and lay it across the roof so it hangs over both the ice dam and the gutter. It should quickly melt the snow and ice back to water which will give the water a clear path.

If you think your gutter needs professional attention, contact Bell Seamless Gutters.

Updating Repairing and Maintaining Seamless Gutters

December 26th, 2012 | 1 Comment »
Broken Gutter Repair in New Jersey

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Strong gutters are crucial when protecting your building from water damage. Old, or pre-owned gutters actually provide a greater risk than having no gutters at all. They can clog, diverting the water to the inside of the home and to the foundation. This causes wood to rot, basements to flood, and homes to smell.

When purchasing a new home, be sure to ask when the owners replaced the gutters last, and ask which company did them. If the response is, something to the effect of “six years ago, and our teenage son installed them”, then you certainly want new gutters. Chances are, you can get the sellers to pay for the installation of new gutters, especially if you explain that the gutters are a deal-breaker.

Installing new gutters is not the only precaution to take though, proper maintenance and hanging both contribute to the quality of the gutters. Ensure that your gutters are not only new, but also maintained monthly to reduce the risk of water damage.

Replacing gutters increases the value of your home

December 21st, 2012 | 1 Comment »

Gutters increase the value of your home

The real estate market favors buyers with being able to find homes at low prices, but it does not necessarily mean your home will sell quickly. Real estate agents have been pushing clients to upgrade certain areas of their home to attract potential buyers.

To get a return on your investment, one way to help make your house stick out to buyers is by thoroughly examining your gutters. Having nice and clean gutters gives your home an attractive look. Gutters with dents, rust, cracks and holes can be an eye sore, regardless of how nice your landscaping looks.

If you find that your gutters have any of the above, think about replacing them. The initial cost will be well worth it when you have multiple bids placed on the sale of your home.

Seamless gutters prove to be an effective gutter for functionality and appeal. Seamless gutters have smooth edges with no breaks every few feet where debris and rust can build up. Plus, gutters of a fresh, new color will enhance and compliment the exterior.

Remember, potential buyers have to enter your house from the outside. Don’t put yourself in the predicament of people not even wanting to step into the house because the outside looks atrocious.

New Jersey, watch out for copper gutter thieves

December 17th, 2012 | No Comments »

Around this time of the year, you don’t just have to worry about frozen debris in your gutters; you also have to worry about thieves!  The holidays bring out the best and worst in people.  It’s no secret that some people are desperate for money in December.  One must purchase gifts for everyone.  You should keep an eye on your gutters, especially if they’re copper gutters.

Copper, as a material, can take a lot of pressure and stress.   If you’re in the New Jersey area and need a copper consultation, please give us a call.  Copper gutters are longer lasting than your average gutter system.   Not only are they durable, they ‘re also aesthetically pleasing and can add to a house’s appeal.   Copper gutters, therefore, are expensive and can fetch a pretty penny on shadier markets.  Although copper gutters are a sound purchase, please keep in mind the possibility that a thief may have his eyes on them.

In New Canaan CT, for example, someone recently stole around $50,000 worth of copper gutters.  Christina Commendatore, of the NC Advertiser, reports, “Police said the homeowner noticed part of a gutter on the ground by his garage a week earlier.  When he went to repair the gutter, he noticed 10 sections were missing from around the house to the garage.” That’s an enormous amount of money! You can look over the article here.

In my opinion, it seems that the perpetrator had been casing the house.  This crime could’ve been in plans for weeks or even months!  If you have copper gutters, keep an eye for any suspicious activity, such as unfamiliar cars.  Copper gutters are certainly a good purchase, for both durability and aesthetic appeal, but copper in any form is popular among thieves.  Be leery of gutter thieves!

Cheap Gutters vs. Expensive gutters

December 11th, 2012 | 1 Comment »

The comparison between cheap gutters and expensive ones cannot be determined until you factor in material. The more expensive the gutter, the better quality material the gutter consists of. Less expensive gutter material works well too, but will cost you money overtime due to rot, rust and bending problems.

Expensive gutters, such as stainless steel, provide the most long-term benefit. Let us warn you though, stainless steel gutters can start at $20.00 a linear foot, which is expensive.

Less expensive gutters of aluminum and vinyl cost anywhere between $3.00 and $9.00 a linear foot. Aluminum gutters tend to be the more practical and popular choice for gutters, much in part because of the affordable price.

The real question is, “Do cheaper gutters leak more than expensive ones?” The answer is a probable yes.

Less expensive gutters of aluminum and vinyl tend to take a beating from rough weather. When heavy debris falls into the gutter, the gutter can sag, causing drop points at various spots. When water cannot reach the downspout, it causes overflow.

To keep costs low, you can opt for a less expensive sectional gutter. Be aware, the sections can stretch apart, causing water to leak through and seep into foundation.

Choosing the right gutters is a personal preference. Regardless of the type of gutter and whether sectional or seamless, as long as you are routinely cleaning the gutters and conducting seasonal maintenance, your gutters should last a long time.