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How to Protect Your Gutters from Winter Weather

December 13th, 2021 | No Comments »

As winter approaches, homeowners need to prepare for the challenges of the season. Snow, wind, and ice can cause serious damage, especially to your home’s critical, outside structures, like gutters. Without proper maintenance, you can face common gutter problems that can be costly and a nuisance to fix.

Here are a few ways to prepare your gutters for the long winter season ahead.home in the winter time

Trim Your Trees

Even after winter begins, leaves can continue to fall into your gutters, leaving them clogged. Ice and snow can weigh down tree branches, causing them to snap and fall on your roof and gutters. Trimming the trees around your home can reduce the chances of these tragic accidents from occurring.

Get Gutter Guards

Investing in high-quality gutter guards can help protect your gutters year-round. Installing gutter guards on an angle keeps the melting snow and ice off the front of your roofline to help alleviate ice damming. These guards help protect the gutter system from breaking due to frozen clogs or too much weight.

Fix Holes and Cracks

Leaks in your gutters will divert water from the appropriate downspouts and trickle down the side of your home, causing water damage, such as rot and mold, as well as weakening your home’s foundation. Identify any holes in your gutters and repair them. You can make a patch with the same material as your gutters and install it with roofing cement. 

Winter weather can wreak havoc on your home if you are not prepared. The best way to assure a smooth sailing transition from season to season is to invest in a quality gutter system. If your gutters show signs of replacement, contact Bell Seamless Gutters for a complete gutter installment. Strong, durably installed gutters are your number one defense when it comes to protecting your home this winter.

The 4 Most Common Gutter Problems

November 8th, 2021 | No Comments »

Gutters are a necessary part of our homes. Unfortunately, they are also prone to a few common problems. If caught early, these problems can be fixed easily without any further damage to your home. So, here are the four most common problems with your gutters you should keep an eye out for:

Sagging guttersclogged gutters

Have you noticed a slight dip in the line of your gutters? Then chances are they’re starting to sag. Sagging gutters can cause water to build up inside, preventing proper drainage and adding unneeded stress to your gutters. If left for too long, your gutters could collapse completely.

Leaking gutters

A particularly bad storm has a chance of harming your gutters. When any form of damage occurs, the risk of leakage increases. Sometimes, a leak isn’t obvious. But even a small leak can slowly erode the underlying support and foundation below. That’s why it’s always a good idea to routinely check your gutters for leaks.

Improper gutter slope

An improperly sloped gutter is sometimes hard to spot. Yet, the results can be disastrous if you let it go for too long. A gutter with a poor slope can lead to water pooling inside your gutters. As water collects inside, it could leak into your home or cause the total collapse of your gutter system. A good way to spot improper gutter slope is if you notice that your gutters are failing to drain.

Clogged gutters

Clogged or blocked gutters are perhaps the most common issue homeowners will have to deal with. Gutters full of leaves or debris can cause gutters to overflow, eroding the foundation below and potentially causing water damage. Thankfully, the fix is a simple one—clean your gutters regularly.

Bell Seamless Gutters can help you with all of the above gutter issues. Contact us today to learn more!

Fall Gutter Maintenance

October 14th, 2021 | No Comments »

Fall is one of the most beautiful seasons, but it can also be the most treacherous for your gutters. Thankfully, you can protect your gutters by taking certain precautions. Here we discuss the steps you should take to keep your gutters in tip top shape during the fall seasons.

Take safety precautionsman cleaning out fall foliage from gutters

Good fall gutter maintenance is important, but so too is your health. Before you climb up to inspect your gutters, you should also take necessary precautions. This includes wearing proper glove wear and eye protection, as well as using a standalone ladder. If possible, have someone standing at the bottom of the ladder to keep an eye on you.

Remove fall foliage

The biggest problem you’ll have to contend with during the autumn months is fall foliage. While the falling leaves certainly look beautiful, they can easily clog up your gutters. Working your way up from the downspout, check your gutters frequently to make sure that no leaves or debris have fallen in. If you notice that leaves have clogged up your gutters, remove as many as you can.

Check for leaks

Cracks and leaks should be fixed sooner rather than later. Once you’ve cleaned your gutters thoroughly, spray water down them and see if anything leaks out. You should also check the nearby walls and roofing for any cracks as well. During times of heavy rainfall or snowfall, water can overflow from your gutters and seep into the cracks in your wall or roof, damaging the inside of your home.

Bell Seamless Gutters can help you maintain and protect your gutters for the fall months. Contact us today to learn more!

How to Turn Your Old Gutters Into a Vertical Garden

September 16th, 2021 | No Comments »

Gutter GardenGetting ready to replace your aging sectional gutters with new seamless gutters? If you enjoy weekend DIY projects and some of those old gutter sections are still in good shape, you may be able to repurpose them as planters for a vertical garden! Gutter gardens take up very little space, and they’re great for growing herbs, lettuce, flowers and more.


Many people choose to fasten their gutter gardens to a fence, but they can also be hung from a freestanding wood frame or even from your porch. Either way, you’ll want a location that receives plenty of sunlight and won’t fall prey to wild animals looking for a snack.

Setting up your gutters

Start by cutting the gutters to an appropriate length for the space you have in mind. Each gutter will serve as one tier of your vertical garden. Next, use gutter end caps to seal both ends of your gutter planters. Once the gutters are sealed with end caps, use a quarter-inch drill bit to drill evenly-spaced drainage holes along the bottom of the gutter.

If you plan on hanging your garden from a frame or porch, you can also drill a pair of extra 1/8-inch holes on either end of the gutters so that they can be suspended with galvanized steel wire. Otherwise, you can simply fasten them to a fence or other vertical structure with gutter hangers.

Creating your garden

Once your gutter planters are in place, just fill them with soil and fertilizer, plant your seeds, and give them a drink of water. Before you know it, you’ll have a beautiful vertical garden that leaves plenty of room for other plantings in your flowerbeds.

If you’re looking to install new, seamless gutters, contact Bell Seamless Gutters today to get started.

Tiger Stripe Gutter Stains: Causes and Removal Tips

August 25th, 2021 | No Comments »

Do the gutters on your home have unsightly vertical streaks running down them? These stains are commonly known as tiger stripes, and they are often caused by some combination of tree sap, chimney fumes and environmental pollution.

Removing tiger stripes from your gutters may be challenging, but they can be cleaned effectively if you’re willing to put in the time and work. Here are a few tips that will help you make those streaks a thing of the past.

Start by using a non-abrasive detergent cleanerMan installing gutter system

The first thing to do when you notice tiger stripes on your gutters is attempt to clean them with a non-abrasive detergent cleaner. There are a number of companies that manufacture cleaning products designed specifically for gutters. These products can usually help you eliminate tiger streaks right away as long as they haven’t built up on your gutters over the course of many years.

Try a heavy-duty cleaner for tough tiger streaks

In cases where tiger stripes have had more time to develop, a non-abrasive cleaner may not be powerful enough to remove them completely. In that case, you’ll need to try using something that packs a bit more of a punch. A cleaning product like Fantastik All Purpose Cleaner might just do the trick.

Avoid cleaning your gutters with anything that might damage them

You may have to get creative to remove tiger stripes from your gutters, but you shouldn’t use anything that might damage them in the process. Avoid ammonia, paint removers or anything that has potentially-harmful solvents in it, for example. You should also use soft brush or a cloth rather than metal brushes to avoid scratching your gutters while cleaning them.

If you’re tired of trying to restore your dingy old gutters, we can help you replace them with modern, durable seamless gutters that will improve your home’s curb appeal and look great for many years to come. Give us a call or contact us online to get started today!